Monday, July 16, 2007

Instructions for freebies Please Read Thoroughly BEFORE signing up!!!

Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to earning quick legitimate money and prizes.

1.)click on the links provided to you from my blog

2.)chose a gift (don't worry you can change it at any time

3.)enter your email at the bottom of the page and complete the sign-up process

Congrats you have completed the signup process

Now for the next step

4.)complete your required trial offers

The Rules of the Freebie World
I just have a few things I have learned with helping new members that I would like to point out .
1. Find someone you can trust and work with them and them only until you get a few sites under you. Possibly use IM or phone support with them till you have a good focus on things.
2. Make sure you are NOT on AOL as your isp (Internet service provider) this is NOT allowed and I cannot stress this enough! ( I have been there. LOL I learned this fast and you don't want to go through what I had to to fix it)
3. Ask what extending is!
4. Get a gmail or yahoo or any kind of Free account and use it for your offers rather then your personal email you will be swarmed with emails.
5. USE the SAME email address for ALL sites you sign up for!! Very very important.6. DO NOT use a gift card. They are not allowed anymore.
7. Keep track of everything you do. Print out their phone #s to cancel print out your confirm info and write down any cancellation #s if you do cancel.
8. Work one site at a time don't jump around. You will confuse yourself
9. Keep a list of all offers you do right beside you so you don't accidently do them again.
10. Save all sites you sign up for in your favorites in a folder marked cash sites or something that you will know where they are.
11. Don't be afraid to ask for help!!! feel free to email me


1.Before logging into a site, ALWAYS clear your cookies. This is the MAIN contributor to missing credits
WHY? If you have not cleared your cookies, and you have previously viewed an offer somewhere else, you will get credited there instead.
2. ALWAYS use internet explorer or Firefox
WHY? Other browsers have known crediting issues with crediting
3. BEFORE YOU LOGIN make sure your cookies are on the lowest security setting; this accepts all cookies.
WHY? Offers are tracked through cookies. Therefore, if you fail to do this, there is a chance you will not get credit.
4. DISABLE ANY antivirus, spyware, firewalls, ar ad checking software BEFORE logging in.
WHY? These programs can either interfere with the cookies that make an offer track, of they can block tracking scripts.
5. WAIT on confirmation page for a minute or two to make sure EVERYTHING loads .
WHY? Many times the crediting aspect of the sale takes place on the confirmation page of your order, if you close the page too quickly, you might not get credit need to clear cookies between the completions and REFRESH. Refreshing is the most important thing you need to do after clearing cookies.

For those of you that arent aware as to how to do the things that I mentioned above I have set up a demonstration for you below:


Everyone always says that Firefox is the best for security. Security is BAD for credit. While FireFox IS the best (I always use Firefox when not doing offers), you want to give a website as much access to your system as possible. And because Internet Explorer is the least secure browser out there, it's no surprise that IE is the best for crediting.However, before you assume that the Internet Explorer you have on your machine is the right one, there is one more criteria to follow. Microsoft's latest update of Internet Explorer, which upgraded to Version 7 from Version 6, is actually not half bad (although still nowhere near the level that Firefox is on). And because Microsoft got smarter, we have to dumb it down a bit. NEVER EVER EVER USE INTERNET EXPLORER 7 TO DO OFFERS, EVER. And I bet now you're saying, "Well hey, how do I know what version I have? " I'll cover that in the next subchapter.1a. Checking what version of Internet Explorer is installed on your machineSo now that you realize you have some version of IE installed, I'll teach you a quick trick to see what version you've got. Open up your browser, and hit the "File" menu, as you see hereIf there is no option under "File" that says "New Tab," then you've got IE6. Congrats! click on icon to view larger image
If you don't, then look below .Again, IE6 is the BEST browser to use when doing offers, because it's such a piece of junk security-wise.1b. Ahhhhhh! What do I do if I have IE7 Installed?No problem, don't worry! First, hit "Start" -> "Run" and type in "appwiz.cpl", hitting "OK" afterwards.Scroll until you see Microsoft Internet Explorer. Hit the big "Uninstall" button. It should be completely off your system.Then, go here to download Internet Explorer 6. Congrats! You've just downloaded the worst browser ever made, but the best for offer completions! Go through the setup and install IE6, and you're ready for offers.

for IE6 users

Open Internet Explorer, hit "Tools", bring your mouse to "Internet Options," and click. You should get a window like this:From there, it's pretty simple. Just click "Delete Cookies," "Delete Files," and "Clear History." Also, click the "Security" tab (pictured below) and make sure you're set to accept all cookies (thanks simplicity) click on icon to view large image

For firefox Users

Clearing all of your cookies/cache/temp. files is extremely simple in Firefox. I haven't had many complaints about crediting with Firefox, so it should be a safe alternative to IE6.Before you even touch an offer, do the following.1) Open Firefox, and click "Tools." Hover over "Clear Private Data," seen here:2) Click it. You're ready to do an offer :)That's all you have to do to ensure that you receive credit for the offers you do. If there's any glaring additions that need to be made, please tell me and I'll write up more chapters consisting of them :)As long as you follow these steps, you should always receive credit. I've been doing freebies for a couple years now, and I've never failed to receive credit. click on icon to view larger image